Slumdog SMB Economics

Slumdog Millionaire and the SMB sector

Not only did Slumdog Millionaire save Hollywood but I suggest this movie has planted the seeds of economic recovery. Here is what I mean. Several weeks ago on a Sunday, my wife and I attended a sold-out showing of Slumdog Millionaire at the old fashioned 1930’s era movie theater on Bainbridge Island.

Slumdog Millionaire playing at the Lynwood Theater on Bainbridge Island

Astro, the SMB Nation mascot (English Springer Spaniel), likes living on Bainbridge Island and not as a slumdog. Seen here next to some books in-progress.

We arrived early to insure we could get tickets for the showing an hour later. There was a line of people waiting to purchase tickets (a good sign). We then trotted across the street the Edna’s (a country inn with outstanding seafood) menu. Edna’s was PACKED and we had to wait to be seated. In fact, we ended up in the lounge. Edna’s, having completely UNDERESTIMATED demand that evening and a staff of three employees was attempting to serve over 100 patrons. A call went out for additional staff to come in. It was a level of micro-economic activity that I had personally not witnessed in six months or more. This is a true story.

Let me try to explain my Slumdog economic stimulus a different way starting where I left off using a step-by-step approach.

  1. Slumdog Millionaire arrives at Bainbridge Island movie theater.
  2. Local residents flock to movie and eat and drink at Edna’s before the movie.
  3. The waitress called in unexpectedly that Sunday night to work at Edna’s made an unexpected $100 and avoided eviction from her apartment.
  4. The apartment building owner, confident his units would remain rented, committed to a new pickup truck at the local car dealer.
  5. The car salesman made a significant commission, the likes of which he hadn’t seen in months.
  6. The car salesman makes good on his promise to take his girlfriend to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire and eat dinner at Edna’s before the show.
  7. The car salesman buys an engagement ring for his girl friend.
  8. The jeweler also decides to view Slumdog Millionaire at the next showing.
  9. The movie theater, sensing increased ticket sales, commits to upgrade its old pop corn maker and buys from a mid-west manufacturer.
  10. The mid-west popcorn machine manufacturer sees across the board in sales increases for its machines and recalls several workers.

And so on…you get the point of this economic recovery velocity! To think that this economic recovery started with Slumdog Millionaire!



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3 responses to “Slumdog SMB Economics

  1. Ginny Hollis

    Hi Harry,
    I love your Slumdog SMB article…how true! I have forwarded to several business colleagues giving credit to you!

  2. Tim

    Great post and I am sending this very entertaining perspective onto my friends/colleagues. Aside from your thoughts on how this one movie will drive economic recovery – the movie itself contains a great many messages as we live through these challanging times as well as how we live our lives going forward.

  3. All without bailouts or handouts, or credit.

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