Business Research Resources for SMB and SBS Consultants [SMB Consulting Best Practices book excerpt]

Howdy ladies and gents. Harrybbb here. I am the author of the SMB Consulting Best Practices book and I LOVE holding virtual book readings. So today’s passage helps you with business resources to better yourself.

Brelsford’s Dozen: Better Business Research

For many pages, I’ve shared economic wisdom, studies, and statistics. But these business factoids are only as current, in many cases, as the day I wrote them. You must now march forth to the Internet and find and read a dozen updated articles on the SMB economic sector. Some Web sites to consider looking at are:

·           Entrepreneur. Visit this Web site to learn more about SMB start up matters (

·           INC. Certainly a favorite and a source of many citations in this book:

·           CNN. After surfing over to, click the Business button at CNNMONEY link on the left and then read the business news. Hint: Drill further into the technology and Business 2.0 links here.

·           Fortune. As seen in Figure 5-10, Fortune has a dedicated small business portal (and also a magazine called Fortune Small Business). Visit and click the Small Business link.

Figure 5-10:

Fortune Small Business portal

BEST PRACTICE: Consider that many SMB consultants only use the SMB space as a launching pad for enterprise engagements. IKON, the office supplies company, tried to use SBS in the SMB space to build up a list of consulting referrals so it could pursue enterprise work. Last I heard IKON was no longer in the consult­ing business. However, the SMB-to-enterprise strategy was sound and is often repeated. Some of you reading this book may well view your time as SMB consultants in that context. You’ll be in good company down the road as many enterprise-level consult­ants started in the SMB space.


Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation

MBA, MCSE, CNE, CLSE, CNP, MCP, MCT, SBSC (Microsoft Small Business Specialist)

PS – my Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) book is now here! J


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One response to “Business Research Resources for SMB and SBS Consultants [SMB Consulting Best Practices book excerpt]

  1. Okay — you said “dozen” — what are the dozen?

    Entrepreneur, Inc, CNN, Fortune… that’s 4…
    where are the rest, please?

    Also — your website could use a handy FAQ or acronym descrambler… 🙂

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