Wanna win the small business IT professionalism award? Check out the NPA announcement

Folks – my friend James at the Network Professional Assocation has announced his awards program for Spring 2009. Suggesting all good SMB technology consultants and SBSers self-nominate themselves for the Small Business honor!

Yes, now is the time to nominate an IT professional for their deserved recognition. Take a moment to read about the possibilities and visit the awards web site – www.AwardsForProfessionalism.org. Sponsor opportunites also available.

NPA Honors Individuals for Excellence in the Networking Industry

The Network Professional Association (NPA), in conjunction with Interop, Culminis, and Cisco Press is proud to announce the eighth annual Awards for Professionalism program, which honors individuals for their outstanding achievements as professionals within the network computing industry. The Awards for Professionalism winners will be announced at Interop Las Vegas May 2009. The winners professional profiles and achievements are to be displayed as leading examples of professionalism.

Awards for Professionalism winners demonstrate the best balance of professional responsibilities including technical competency, ethics and a proper professional, education and industry credentials, community and industry contributions, leadership, professional affiliation. Each award winner receives a specially designed personalized trophy and gifts. Previous winners may be viewed at AwardsforProfessionalism.org

Now accepting submissions in the following categories:

Best Networking Professional Career Achievement Award
This award honors a network computing professional who has demonstrated years of the highest ideals of the network computing professional.
This individual serves as a role model in the network computing community and may be considered by peers as an industry luminary.

Professional Excellence and Innovation Award
This award honors the network computing professional who has made the most effective combination of the ideals of professionalism and the innovative use of networking technology and/or products for a particular networking project within the past 12 months.

Entries are accepted within the following subcategories:

  • Corporate Fortune X
  • Corporate Small Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Independent Network Contractor

Best Mentor Award
This award honors the networking professional who has made the most effective combination of the ideals of professionalism and the accomplished mentor.

Top of the Mark – Volunteer Award
This award honors the networking professional who has made the most effective combination of the ideals of professionalism and is a notable example of the best in giving back through selfless effort.


Please prepare a nomination for yourself, or your nominee. Nominations are accepted for any individual who has upheld their role in the computing industry. The categories in awards were selected by the Network Professional Association to establish a base for professionalism and ethics upheld by the industry member.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one Award for Professionalism may be awarded in each category or subcategory; all categories may not be awarded. NPA reserves the right to decline any nomination or withhold an award for lack of sufficiency. Individuals and companies may submit nominations in more than one category, however if the same individual is nominated for more than one category only the first entry or the nominees choice will be considered. Nominations cannot be resubmitted in subsequent years. NPA will notify you of the receipt of your entry via email.

Winners will be notified approximately 3 weeks before the Awards ceremony. Winners may be asked to provide addition information, media clips, photography or personal presentation for public display.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of editorial and networking professionals including persons with special expertise in the specific categories. Evaluation is based on criteria significant to the values of the Network Professional Association.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Deadline for all submissions is Midnight April 13, 2009

Submit application to NPA before the submission deadline to: Network Professional Association at awards@npa.org. Entry is to be in Microsoft Word format with supplemental items as needed.

  • Provide full contact information for individual being nominated. Include name, title, company, address, phone, and email.
  • If not the individual being nominated, please provide contact information of the person submitting this form. Include name, title, company, address, phone, and email.
  • Specify the Award category including sub-category for which the nominee is to be considered.
  • Please provide a 1500-word (or fewer) position statement justifying the nomination.
  • Explain how this person meets the expectations for a highly successful network computing professional. Consider the balance a professional must maintain to be highly effective and what it means.
  • Where a project is referenced, describe how objectives set for this project were met and how the outcome may have helped the organization for which it was developed save money and/or increase productivity.
  • Explain why this individual stands out and why you think he/she should receive this award; include his/her most notable accomplishments.
  • Indicate time spent in the network profession; professional associations and positions held.
  • Indicate if the individual is involved in the Network Professional Association and how involved.
  • Please provide customer/professional references capable of validating events, activities and professional status.
  • Provide a 100-word biography on the person being nominated.
  • Photograph of nominee taken after October 1, 2008.

Requests for information may be directed to:
James Belasco, Network Professional Association,
��888 NPA-NPA0


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