Legal Disclaimers and Network Assessments (Untangle Webinar)

Folk – Bill Takacs just surfaced a valid point about having a legal discliamer regarding your network assessment and the RECOMMENDATIONS that you might make. The point is that you don’t want to be liable for your recommendations — at some level.

How does that sit with you?




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7 responses to “Legal Disclaimers and Network Assessments (Untangle Webinar)

  1. I feel that the appointment and the go ahead to do the assessment is hard enough to get, why complicate it and possibly make the business feel unconfortable with the addition of a legal document?

  2. Some form of disclaimer is essential. Surely this is part of the company terms and conditions.

  3. We also try ro charge for the assessment and then discount off the cost if we get the contract.

  4. Dan

    Turn it around and point out that it’s to protect them. That it goes both ways.

    “I’m going to be seeing a lot of data, this agreement says that I will not use this data for anything other than this audit.”

  5. Thanks guys, good clarification of the essential points. And I am in Cardiff, Wales, NOT london.
    Cheers, Jerry

  6. I have found that technically conmpetent people can sell better by explaining what the problem is than out and out salesmen. The key is being able to translate geek speak into business speak

  7. Thanks for the comments, I will drink a toast to you!

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