Chapter 4 Summary [SMB Consulting Best Practices book excerpt]

Howdy folks – Harryb here – the author for the above title. I am holding a virtual book reading – so enjoy! This is the summary for chapter four of my beloved SMB Consulting Best Practices book.


This chapter was about how to initially build your business as an SMB consultant. People I’ve observed who make it to this stage and beyond often comment that they didn’t realize being an SMB consultant would be such hard work and that so much selling and business development were involved. However, don’t lose sight of the financial and other rewards of being an SMB consultant. While it is difficult to build your business, the rewards are out there and will be discussed later. The following points were covered in this chapter:

·  How to plant SMB consulting seeds

·  Understanding the SMB business development life cycle

·  Brelsford’s Dozen: Cash on hand and Client Rejection Ratio

·  Prelaunch interim measures to take

·  The first client has landed!

·  SMB consulting transition plans

·  Online auctions are your friend

·  Good client selection and how to fire bad clients


Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation (

MBA, MCSE, CNE, CLSE, CNP, MCP, MCT, SBSC (Microsoft Small Business Specialist)

PS – did you know my Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) book is almost here? Yes!



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