harrybbbb online storage webinar on dec 18th at 8am pst

Hey gang – harrybbbbb here – tomorrow 8AM (PST) I am hosting an online Webinar for all concerned!

Sign up here: http://www.smbnation.com/events_listpage.asp?Category=Webinars&Cat=Category


Not Just Another 50 cent Online Backup Service!
Thursday Dec. 18, 2008
8:00AM PST (GMT-8)

Learn how the real VARs, MSPs and trusted advisors create revenue opportunities with remote online backup protection services. Learn how the latest compliance regulations will create long-term relationships and revenue streams for your business. Find out why those cheap backup services create a false sense of security and are not telling the whole story.

David Minns will take you through the best practises to create the data restore sets that will meet each client’s expected recovery time objective – which of course will never be fast enough! Craft backup & restore SLAs that are realistic for both you and your client.

Complete the webinar with the demonstration of a VMWare host-side (the guest OS is not involved) data backup and restore process, with its complete restore to a different domain controller. Bare metal restore strategies will also be demonstrated.


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