Reality check – SQL and SBS 2003 [Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices book]

Hello there – harrybbbb here – publisher of the above title. I am holding a virtual book reading here and posting up a passage from chapter one:

The reality is that once you realize what SQL Server 2000 is about, including its powers and capabilities, your eyes are truly opened to a world full of possibilities. This includes many of the topics a leading SBSer, Alan Shratter, has written about in the SQL Server 2000 chapter included in this book (Chapter 9). Personally, I see SQL Server 2000 as opening up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to installing Line of Business (LOB) applications such as ERP systems, manufacturing systems, and the like. So I put the question back to you: wouldn’t the deployment of LOBs on SBS 2003 require significant upfront planning? The answer is YES!


Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation (

MBA, MCSE, CNE, CLSE, CNP, MCP, MCT, SBSC (Microsoft Small Business Specialist)

PS – did you know my Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) book is almost here? Yes!



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