Designing for the M [Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer book exceprt]

Yo – harrybbb here – publisher of the above title. I like to post up a passage each day as a virtual book reading. It’s how I roll! This all relates to the 70-282 exam.

Designing in the “M” space

This may seem early in the game, but since this is the chapter on “designing,” it seems like a good way to bring your attention away from SBS and start talking a little “medium enterprise.”

No doubt Microsoft loves talking about Active Directory design, just venture out to and click on the Windows Server Deployment Kit link and you will find a bucketful of stuff you can design around! For instance you will find a lot of reading material on Designing a Managed Environment (that means designing Group Policy infrastructure) or Designing and Deploying Directory and Security Services, which leads you into designing site topology, designing a resource authorization strategy, designing a Public Key infrastructure and more fun bits and pieces like that.

I do not expect you to read volumes on this, but please don’t expect us to write volumes about it here either. Fact is, that you should probably stick your nose into some of those (maybe in a dark and stormy night when there is nothing else to do?) and see what it will be like expanding into the “M” space. Expect

the exam to sport some medium enterprise level questions, and since SBS is built on top of Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory, it makes sense to expect questions in these areas. In Chapter 9 we’ll cover the technical portions of migration and expansion of the SBS network, and Chapter 10 will be all about Windows Server 2003. We will have other items weaved throughout the chapters of this book as needed. And in case you wondered what the “M” space is, that would be medium businesses with less than 1000 network devices. Cheers!


Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation (

MBA, MCSE, CNE, CLSE, CNP, MCP, MCT, SBSC (Microsoft Small Business Specialist)

PS – did you know my Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) book is almost here? Yes!





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