Springer’s OWA Malady – please help!

Gang – I just wrote up this news story in my SMB Advisory newsletter (Issue 3-3).  Please add your comments and I will publish the best results 🙂

Springer Speaks Again – OWA!
I always open any e-mail from Robert Springer, a long-time SMB Nation tribal member on the East Coast (Warren, NJ, US) who has attended many of our events and once even ran a personal errand for me to a Radio Shack in New Jersey to purchase a video camera battery charger (I will be forever indebted). So like that famous phrase “When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen,” I submit for your approval that when Robert Springer speaks, people listen! Robert is seeking help in resolving a Outlook Web Access (OWA) malady. Robert writes:


Question: I have an issue with OWA. You get to the login screen and can put in User & Password. Then you get HTTP 405 error. I have KB823265 which talks about the issues. Also KB832769 about Kerberos authentication. The Server would not do updates so I restarted it. Now it is doing updates. I will see if these fix this. Any ideas?
Update: We have found something. The Exchange-OMA properties ASP.net is set to 2.0.x.x.x and cannot be changed. It is grayed out on the offending system. Working systems have 1.4.x.x.x.x.
Readers! Can you offer insights on this OWA matter? Post up on my blog at SMB Dude so everyone can benefit. As you know – I have branded around Springer Spaniels for years – so Robert and I always enjoy some good natured humor about must love dogs!



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2 responses to “Springer’s OWA Malady – please help!

  1. Jay Edlin

    First step would be to uninstall .net 2.0. Check if OWA is working. Then reinstall .net 2.0 and confirm that OWA is working and reapply updates.

  2. I have seen the ASP.NET grayed-out version problem before. I posted a fix for that on my blog, here:

    However, it occurs to me that OWA does not rely on the exchange-oma virtual directory. That is for activesync for Windows Mobile devices, and while it should be fixed, may not solve his original problem.

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