Lean, grean, mean and surviving in an upside down print-edition world: SMB PC magazine Issue 3-3 is here!

Hi everyone


The new issue of the SMB Partner Community (SMB PC magazine) has been posted up at the link below. This is issue 3-3 and the lead story is, not surprisingly, the ECONOMY!




The print version of the magazine is already starting to arrive in postal mailboxes.


One question I have already received from a SBS MVP is “why the small form factor for the magazine?” I can easily answer that two ways:


(1)   Digital media content. Our magazine will increasingly post up its best and brightest content on-line. We believe in a blended portfolio of print and digital content is a fantastic way to bridge different community stakeholder groups and interests.

a.       How it works! You read part of the article in print and continue reading the bulk of it on-line at our magazine blog. As the SBS M&M’s said years ago in a popular post-up: MEN READ!

(2)   Circle the community wagons! The past 60-days have forever changed the world economically as we know it and we have lost several great print publications:

a.       Reseller Advocate Magazine (RAM, went to online only this weekend)

b.      Washington CEO (closed last week)

c.       Christian Science Monitor (went to online only)

d.      US News and World Report (went to online only).

There is a stark reality facing all of us head-on and we are taking appropriate austerity measures. We are lean, mean and even green! Our smaller magazine form factor actually has a dramatically smaller carbon footprint!


I want to thank you for your community support over the years and I hope you have found and will continue to find our worldwide SMB business and technology reporting to be interesting, provocative and occasionally amusing. It is my intent to continue our community participation and outreach in the form of SMB PC mag!



Harry Brelsford

Publisher, SMB PC magazine

PS – this economic condition – it too shall pass!


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