AutoTask webinar: request for sample SLA templates, formats, forms

We have just concluded the Webinar with AutoTask and appreciate the 100+ folks that attended – many thanks!

A question was asked about where to SEE such agreements in the SLA relam. I can only recomment my friend Karl Palachuk for this:

He wrote one of the first books in the area for SMB consultants and it even won an award in a book compeition in Cali! (that’s California!)




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3 responses to “AutoTask webinar: request for sample SLA templates, formats, forms

  1. JA


    I attended- thank you. Any chance that we could see those slides that Mr.DiConstanzo presented? They would have been much more useful if we had time enough to see, ingest and take notes on them.


  2. Sabiha Katz


    I attended your webinar on Nov. 18th. I felt that the information you presented was quite helpful but that the slides for the presentation went way too fast, which is why I struggled to take any notes at all. Nevertheless, I thank you for your hour-long presentation.

    I was searching online for the white paper and archived video on the topic. I wasn’t able to find either one. Could you please send me the links to both of these? That would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sabiha Katz

  3. Sabiha Katz

    Sorry, I meant the webinar on Nov. 13th.

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