Managed Services webinar with harrybbbb

Hey gang – I am holding a webinar on Thursday AM – so its all goodness and please join me!

How To Use Service Level Management To Grow Your Business

Hi FirstName,

You’re in the business of IT Service delivery, but do you have the tools in place to:

ü   Ensure your key targets for service success are being met?

ü   Improve service delivery and client satisfaction?

ü  Meet first-response service delivery goals?

ü  Manage, analyze and report on service level performance metrics?

ü   Differentiate from the competition and increase your revenue?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’ll want to be sure you attend this “must-see” webinar sponsored by SMB Nation and Autotask Corporation.


Click Here To Register:


On Thursday, November 13 at 2 PM EST, Harry Brelsford, CEO of SMB Nation, and Len DiCostanzo, SVP of Professional Services at Autotask, will deliver an in-depth discussion of Service Level Management programs, best practices, and steps for developing an effective plan for your individual business.  


*All session attendees will receive a complimentary white paper describing Service Level Management programs and implementation, and how Service Level Management can be used to grow your business.

Session topics will include:

· Introduction to Service Level Management programs

· Setting and measuring internal service levels and measuring performance goals

· Creating custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for your clients based on

o Priority of incident

o Issue type and sub-issue type

o Device or any other user-defined parameters


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