Update on the Response Point Yahoo! Group

Hey gang – the Response Point Yahoo Goups is now one year old and I have this message.

Moving to Telephonation!

Good day everyone!

One year later – I am delighted to announce that we are upgrading the Response Point community to Telephonation. Thanks for your support over the year and join me in this exciting journey!

·         What is “Telephonation?” 

o   Telephonation is a rich forum AND e-mail newsgroup (like Yahoo!) that allows us to grow beyond the basic listserv concept into a full-fledged community.


·         Why “Telephonation?” –

o   Telephonation is a robust community and allows us to look and behave much more like the M&M’s SmallBizServer.net (www.smallbizserver.net) site in the SBS community versus the SBS Yahoo! Group.

o   Equally important was our need to have a Third-party industry site that is focused on telephony, VoIP and Response Point that can be INDEXED by the search engines. Such is not the case with the Yahoo Group (it is not indexed)

o   Ecosystem support. Note that each vendor in the Response Point world has a forum to post up support questions specific to its offerings. This is really a step forward for us!

o   Microsoft provided developer resources to make Telephonation happen and is committed to the success of this site!

·         How do I use “Telephonation?” It’s easy – your account has already been migrated. Simply follow these steps:

o   Look for an e-mail sent from REGISTER to your e-mail account for details. The subject line is Your Website Account ID. (see a sample of this e-mail below)

o   Go to www.telephonation.com

o   Logon with your existing logon name from the Yahoo! Response Point Group

o   Logon with your new temporary password in the above e-mail or contact Chris Bangs at chrisb@smbnation.com for assistance.

·         Who is “Telephonation?”

o   Harry Brelsford, founder and owner of the Yahoo Response Point Group and fellow RPer…

o   Note that we have an esteemed group of Telephonation MVP’s acting as moderators at thesite to provide a top quality experience! Please salute the following individuals:

§  John Holmblad

§  Cindy Slade

§  Allen Miller

§  Dave Bainum

§  Ed Carnes

§  Jeff Loucks

§  Tom Strickland

·         When does “Telephonation” start? NOW!

·         What does “Telephonation” cost? It is FREE!

So it’s time to go, grow and be SEARCHABLE across the Internet. Thank you for your amazing support during the past year on the Yahoo! Response Point Group. I think you will be very pleased with Telephonation.  It all starts at www.telephonation.com!


PS – Did I mention you can receive posts via e-mail just like Yahoo!?!?!  It’s true – just subscribe to a FORUM once you logon.

PPS – Any problems – contact Chris Bangs at chrisb@smbnation.com . And here is the REGISTRATION e-mail that he sent out:

Response Point Yahoo Group User,


This is Chris Bangs on behalf of Harry Brelsford and Telephonation letting
you know that your account has been setup on Telephonation.com, your VoIP
information and community portal.

Your account was created so that we can move our Yahoo group over to

Thank you for your participation.

Your Login ID for the web site is harrybsbs The related temporary password

Please log into your account and correct the first and last name as well
as change your password.

Note that the ID and password are case sensitive within the web site.
Please contact the web site administrator if you have any issues.


Chris Bangs



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