WMI and Performance Monitor in SBS 2003 [Windows Small Business

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WMI and Mr. Performance Monitor

Something I truly don’t completely understand is the Windows Management Interface (WMI) area that is tied to extending SBS 2003’s performance monitoring tools. Perhaps it’s because I have a limited programming/developer background.

So a tip of the performance monitoring hat to Grant Bedson, an Aussie from Victoria (that’s Downunder, not up north in Canada). Grant is a software developer who has taken a keen interest in SBS. The pleasure was all mine to discuss the mystical powers of WMI and SBS performance monitoring when I delivered a three-day SBS training course in Melbourne, Australia, in late 2002. Grant, who is most comfortable with WMI, provided his unique insights to the SBS program manager who owns performance monitoring (Eduardo who hails from Brazil). Jeez – this underscores the international nature of SBS!

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Back to business!

At the end of the day, many SBSers ask how something in SBS 2003 improves their life. With respect to having a network that purrs and hums, the performance monitor tools contribute greatly. With respect to SBS consultants, the gold standard is slightly different: It’s based on gold. That is, how can you make money in the performance monitoring area with your SBS customers? There are many different business models out there. I’m aware of the following ways that SBS consultants are implementing the performance monitoring area into their service model:

                      Fixed fee. You could charge $100 per month to continuously monitor the SBS 2003 network.

                      Maintenance contract. You could charge $500 per month to maintain the SBS 2003 network and those services would include performance monitoring.

                      Day rate. How ‘bout a dollar a day for network performance monitor­ing, eh?

                      Give away the milk, get the cow. This is actually my favorite. Provide the performance monitoring function for free and make it all up in extra work (because your superior customer service leads to great bill­able hours) and/or billable time you book to resolve problems. Don’t laugh, as this approach deserves your serious second look.


BEST PRACTICE: A final dose of sage wisdom before the SBS 2003 premium edition chapters commence. The road to SBS consulting profitability travels through the performance monitoring area, irrespective of what your specific business model is. Why? Because performance monitoring will most assuredly result in better customer service. You’ll be well aware of SBS 2003 maladies and performance-related matters before your customer will. You’ll be “Johnny on the spot,” already working on a solution when the customer calls with a problem. Better yet, you’ll call the customer in advance of her discovering the problem. You read it here first!


It goes without saying, but then I’ll promptly say it, that performance monitoring in SBS 2003 is one of the great opportunities to excel as an excellent SBSer! Use the launch pad provided in this chapter to implement the native performance monitoring in SBS 2003 and then go forth and take it to the next level. Consider performance monitoring to have a high return on investment. The hours you invest herein are returned many times over with an optimally performing network or the financial rewards that accrue to the SBS consultant amongst us. Bravo.


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