Disk Defrag and Performance Monitor – SBS 2003 (Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices book excerpt)

Good day mates – I am Harry Brelsford, author of the Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practice and each day I like to hold a virtual book reading where I post up a few pages for you. Enjoy!



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Disk Defragmenter

While I discussed disk defragmentation in the last chapter, I’m honor (that’s honour in British Commonwealth countries) bound to repeat myself here. One of the fastest ways to boost SBS network performance is to run Disk Defragmenter from the System Tools program group (from Start, All Programs, Accessories). Note that the SPR doesn’t provide information on the fragmentation of disks on the SBS 2003 server machine. You can only get that information using Disk Defragmenter and clicking either the Analyze or Defragment buttons.

Performance Monitor

Talk about a tool that’s stood the test of time! Performance Monitor (also known as System Monitor) has been around since the earliest versions of SBS! It’s found from Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, Performance. Go ahead an open it now and observe in SBS 2003 that there are three performance counters configured by default (shown in Figure 12-12):


                      Avg. Disk Queue Length

                      % Processor Time



Chapter 12 Monitoring SBS 2003

Figure 12-12

It’s free in SBS 2003 like other cool monitoring tools, so take Performance Monitor for a test drive. It’s an excellent baselining tool with its ability to save data logs.

BEST PRACTICE: Two cool things you can do with Performance Monitor (amongst hundreds of cool things) are view the data as a histogram (Ctrl-B keystroke) and save the chart as a dynamic Web page that’s cooler than a childhood in Alaska (right-click on the chart and select Save As from the secondary menu that appears). I’ll now point you to one of the best darn Performance Monitor texts ever: Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit (Microsoft Press). You read correctly (it’s truly explored in the workstation, not server, resource kit!).


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