You MUST pass one technical exam to become SBSC {Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer book excerpt}

Helloooo….I am Harry Brelsford, publisher of the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer title and each day I post of a passage as a virtual book reading! Today I outline the technical examination requirement to become SBSC!
Note that since this passage was written – they have added an Exchange Server exam as a qualifier and the new SBS 2008 exam, later this year, is rumored to be in the hunt for the SBSC program requirement.



Harry Brelsford, CEO at smb nation

Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC, MBA, MCSE, MCT, MCP, CNE, CLSE, CNP

PS – did u know I host an annual conference in Seattle each october for SBSers and SMB consultants? This year we help launch SBS 2008 and Essential Business Server (EBS) between October 4-6!

Successfully Pass One Certification Exam

Time to get serious after that lengthy Action Pack discussion! To become a Small Business Specialist, you must successfully pass a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam.

IMPORTANT: NOTE: This exam requirement is waived if your company is an active partner in the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) competency. This is IMPORTANT because it essentially gives Dynamics partners (CRM, etc.) a short-cut into the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community. I’m fine with the “grandfathering” clause because Lord knows the partners paid their dues on the way up. However – this shorter path hasn’t been very messaged and perhaps you can benefit from knowing this factoid.

Currently, you can select from two MCP certification exams:

·          70-282: Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business . Discussed in detail in Chap­ters 3 through 10, this is clearly the major certification exam we focus on in this book. Both authors feel strongly that this will be the water­shed examination event in the Small Business Specialist Community program with its focus on SMB consultants and value added reseller (VAR) partners. Ergo—we give you eight chapters to prepare for that specific examination. What about the examination itself? It’s very SBS 2003-centric, but it acknowledges the proper role of a Windows Server 2003 standard edition in an SMB organization.

·          70-631 – Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. This cre­dential is designed for IT professionals who can administer, deploy, customize, implement, or support Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Read Chapters 11-13 in this book for more information.

·          74-134: Preinstalling Microsoft Products using the OEM Preinstal­lation Kit (covered in Chapter 14). Including this niche examination is Microsoft’s way of signaling its intention to be system-builder inclusive in the Small Business Specialist program. Microsoft would love to engage more with the system builder community in the SMB space; including the 74-134 exam in the Small Business Specialist Community certification testing requirements is part of that outreach.

·          Future exams . The Microsoft program team behind the Small Business Specialist Community program is madly working to add more MCP exam options to satisfy the certification exam requirement. Look for this

Chapter 2Small Business Specialist Community

as a major area of growth in the Small Business Specialist Community program: more exams to select from!

IMPORTANT: Exam 70-282 qualifies the successful candidate to be a Microsoft Certified Professional and hold that title. Exam 74- 134 does NOT qualify the successful candidate to be an MCP. Both authors recommend the 70-282 exam.

Applause extended to the Small Business Specialist Community team at Microsoft for demanding a certification exam requirement. Not only has it given new life to the above exams, but I really like how incumbent Small Business Specialists have to demonstrate basic technical competency. That is, not just anyone can become a member of this club—you have to earn this privilege!

IMPORTANT: Need motivation to complete and return the book registration form at the back of this book? By being a registered book owner, you’ll receive notification of new eligible MCP exams in the Small Business Specialist Community program!

Microsoft currently has the following exam retake policy shown below. Kindly note that there has been some confusion as a few folks believed that you could only take an exam three times in total. Such is not the case. You are welcome to take the exam as many times are you desire. But, if you can’t pass within three tries, we would like to suggest you revisit your overall decision to become a Small Business Specialist (perhaps you should keep you day job kid!). The retake policy is:

Microsoft has revised its policy for retaking exams to increase security. If you do not pass an exam the first time, you may retake it at any time. If you do not achieve a passing score a second time, you must wait at least 14 days to retake the exam a third time. A 14-day waiting period will be imposed for all subsequent exam retakes. If you have passed an exam, you cannot take it again. Beta exams may be taken only once.


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