SMB Nation partner TechChex releases GadgetTrak and looking fror a few good men and women!

My friend Shelah Johnson down in Portland OR just teamed with the cool GadetTrak thingy!

Managed Service Distributor, Techchex (SM) and GadgetTrak®, Anti-Theft Software Team-up


New Revenue Opportunity for 10,000s of US Channel Resellers Supporting Small and Midsize Businesses

Portland Oregon, September 25, 2008 – Techchex, Inc. signed an exclusive US distribution agreement with GadgetTrak for distribution to Resellers supporting the Small and Midsize business market.

GadgetTrak is a new and highly advanced theft recovery software that supports laptop computers, SmartPhones and removable media devices such as USB flash drives, external hard drives and iPods.  “GadgetTrak has several unique abilities that you will not find elsewhere”, said Kathryn Shimabukuro, President of GadgetTrak, “today’s laptops and smart phones store or have access to critical data such as social security numbers, credit cards and passwords… our software offers a unique, patent-pending theft recovery solution that allows a mobile device to discretely contact the real owner in the event they are lost or stolen.   Laptop owners have the ability to remotely wipe critical data from their devices before the information falls into the wrong hands. ”

There are more than 630,000 laptops lost or stolen at US airports each year, valued at $1.4[i] billion in hardware alone. “This is small change compared to the value of the data on the computers, or the business impact of lost data, which is where the real cost of loss lies”, said Shimabukuro.   The Ponemon Institute reports that 36% of data breaches were a result of a lost or stolen laptop, with a total cost of $2.6 million dollars per incident.

 “Small and Midsize businesses are extremely vulnerable because they often do not have a robust security or data backup plan” said Peter Hoogerhuis, CEO for Techchex, Inc.  “We’ve been looking for a product like this to bring to our Resellers, and are pleased to announce this exclusive agreement to distribute this line to Resellers for the Small & Midsize business market”.  The SBA estimates the number of US Small Businesses to be over 26 million.  With each Small Business owning multiple computers and mobile devices, this is a very large market and provides a lucrative opportunity for Resellers.

Techchex will offer GadgetTrak along with their expanding managed services. According to Techaisle the purely remote managed services spend is likely to reach US$1.5 billion in 2008. “Our managed service message is Mitigation of Risk,” said Shelah Johnson, CMO for Techchex, “our two products are a natural fit”.

Techchex will add two GadgetTrak products immediately; Laptop Theft and Recovery (supporting PC and Mac), and Mobile Phone Anti-Theft (supporting iPhone, Blackberry®, Symbian and Windows Mobile®).  MSRP (manufactured suggested retail price) for these products start @ $14.95/year. GadgetTrak has a robust roadmap and Techchex will add new products relevant to the Small and Midsize business as they become available.

Techchex Resellers can look forward to complete supporting collateral and Techchex turnkey processes, making these products very easy to get in the hands of their Small and Midsize customers.  “We are excited to get this new technology for our business customers”, said Bryan Nelson of Ambient, Inc., a Techchex Reseller, “we believe we will sell thousands of these!”


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