Working Smarter with SBS 2003! [Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices book excerpt]

Howdy y’all and welcome to my daily virtual book reading! I am the author of da’ purple book also known as Windows Small Business Server 2003 and I am coming to you live from Bainbridge Island, WA! Today I share a passage on working SMARTER with SBS 2003!



Harry Brelsford, CEO at smb nation

Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC, MBA, MCSE, MCT, MCP, CNE, CLSE, CNP

PS – did u know I host an annual conference in Seattle each october for SBSers and SMB consultants? This year we help launch SBS 2008 and Essential Business Server (EBS) between October 4-6!


Working Smarter

Who doesn’t want to work smarter each day with SBS? Of course, we all do! Here’s a few hints starting with the simple and moving to the complex.

          Rename network cards. This is simple. Have your NIC cards icons displayed on the lower right of your SBS server machine (select Show icon in notification area when connected on the General tab of the NIC card property sheet). Then right-click the NIC card icon and select Open Network Connections. Right-click the NIC card in the Network Connections window that appears and select Rename. I’d

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recommend the inside NIC card be named LAN and the wild-side NIC card be named Internet in the SPRING­ERS methodology (use your own IP addresses in the real world). Doing this allows you to monitor network activity at a glance and know which interface you’re interacting with. Call it the WHOAMI com­mand of NICs!

                      SBS Network Notebook. Take a bow! If you’ve followed the SPRING­ERS approach, you’ve already done this. You’ve built your network notebook across the pages of this book by clicking here at the end of each native SBS wizard.

                      TechNet. A must have. Subscribe to it now from the Microsoft Partners site (Appendix A details). Note Technet is a Web site, a library of discs that are mailed to you monthly, and a seminar series.

                      Action Pack. You are commanded to subscribe to Action Pack if you are an SBS consultant so you can acquire SBS on the cheap plus tons of other software. Order from the Microsoft Partners site.

                      The Web – Google It. Google is a verb and something you need to do to stay current with SBS. Try this. Go to Google ( and select the News tab. Type Small Business Server in the search field and click Search News. You’ll be amazed at the number of SBS-related articles, all current, that are presented to you. Read ‘em!

                      Update your toolkits (physical and mental). Don’t fall into the trap of not having a bona fide computer toolkit (you can easily order such a toolkit for under $50 USD at CDW: Build your men­tal toolkit by reading articles such as “Protecting Your Customers’ Net­works From Intruders” (Ed Tittel, VARBusiness, May 12, 2003).

                      Running your SBS consulting practice better. This comment is directed to SBS consultants. Consider managing your consulting prac­tice better so you can serve your SBS customers better. Cleanliness and all good things start at home. I highly recommend you consider


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ConnectWise’s PSA consulting practice management solution. It’s some­thing that I feature in my SMB Consulting Best Practices book. It’s all part of working smarter as an SBS consultant. Figure 11-20 displays ConnectWise PSA.

Figure 11-20

Comprehensive SBS consulting practice management is part of the ConnectWise PSA solution. Visit


          Time Synchronization. Visit and search on “Windows Time Service” to set your SBS server to an Internet time source.


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