More details on Wed 9-17-08 AM webinar on how to sell your business

Hey gang –

George Sierchio, Bob Hood and myself (all from the Yahoo! SmallBizIT newsgroup) have teamed to burn one of my HP\MS FLP webinar slots on the popular “How To Sell Your SMB Consultancy” topic that caused much discussion in august in the newsgroups.

This occurs Wednesday, September 17 at 8AM PDT (UTC-7) which means roughly mid-day on the east coast, late afternoon in Europe and some unGodly hours in Australia!

HEre is the agenda:
1. Introductions
2. Run your business like you are going to sell it.
          a. Can’t run it from the top line
3. Financial versus strategic merger
4. Why sell your business?
5. Valuation, Preparation Mechanics, The “Process”
           a. Due diligence, etc.
6. HP Presentation
7. Why buy a business?
          a. Want to replace strategy person
          b. Think they can do it better
8. Real worldism: A sole-proprietor SBSer trying to sell or merge his practice: Bob Hood in Chicago!
9. Selling into strength
          a. Is NOW the time to sell with the SBS 2008 and EBS launches?
10. Q&A
11. Conclusion

Sign up here:

Thanks everyone – this was cool that we connected offline from this list to contineu the M&A conversation.

Harry Brelsford
CEO at SMB Nation


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