3rd Party Backup Apps for SBS 2003 [Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices book excerpt]

Good morning everyone! I am Harry Brelsford, author of Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices and each day I post up a few pages from my book as my community contribution. Today we look at 3rd party backup applicaitons for the SBS 2003 world. I realize this passage was written a few years back and you can now look at other solutions such as StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect and off-site over-the-interent backups such as Divinsa. We use both at SMB Nation to protect our important data!



Harry Brelsford, CEO at smb nation www.smbnation.com

Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC, MBA, MCSE, MCT, MCP, CNE, CLSE, CNP

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Third-Party Backup Solutions

The improved native data protection capabilities in SBS 2003 are not meant to be a “category killer” that would put ISVs out of business. Rather, the native tools are there for smaller firms that don’t have sophisticated backup needs and perhaps can’t afford a third-party backup tool. One such tool that I’m very familiar with is Veritas Backup Exec for Windows Servers version

9.1 (Figure 11-7).


 Visit http://www.microsoft.com/technet for the latest updates for any Microsoft product.

Figure 11-7

Backup Exec 9.1 has robust SBS support as you can see here. Visit http://www.veritas.com.

So why would you use Backup Exec in an SBS environment? Two possible reasons are the SQL Server agent for SBS 2003 premium edition and the brick-level e-mail backup and restore capability. But many good SBSers have opinions on this backup matter. One such SBSer is Traig Zeigler, who has posted for years in the SBS Yahoo! group (I had the great pleasure of meeting Traig at the SBS 2003 hands-on lab in Chicago). Traig participated in a newsgroup discussion thread on Veritas in mid-December 2003 where he questioned, “Why is Backup Exec really needed in SBS 2003 at all?” Traig is asking exactly the right question and in many cases (perhaps most cases), the use of third-party backup solutions is no longer a given in the world of SBS.

A little SBS backup trivia for you. In SBS 4.0, when you installed the Backup Exec SBS product, a Backup Exe button was placed on the SBS console (it modified the console). That was the only release in which the console modification occurred.


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