Exam 74-134 to become a Microsoft Small Business Specialist [Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer book excerpt]

It’s Sunday and I am feelin’ GOOD! I am the publisher of the SBSC exam cram book and I live to give back by posting up snippets a few times per weeks. Today we discuss Exam 74-134 which is a entry point into becomeing a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.



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Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC, MBA, MCSE, MCT, MCP, CNE, CLSE, CNP

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Certification Exam 74-134

Chapter 14 of this book is devoted to the 74-134 certification exam: Preinstalling Microsoft Products using the Preinstallation Kit. Why? Because it is the alternative certification exam you can take to fulfill your examination requirement to become a Small Business Specialist. That is, you could take exam 74-134 instead of 70-282 as your required certification exam. But few people will take this exam because it really is focused on two types of individuals: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), like HP, and system builders heavily into the white box clone market. Historically, these haven’t been the “doers” serving customers as consultants in the SBS and small business communities. But, as a courtesy, this examination is discussed here in Chapter 11.

A little bit of firsthand history on Microsoft’s interest in exposing its partner channel to the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK): At the turn of the century, I was a USA hands-on lab instructor for a vendor who delivered the hands-on labs for numerous Microsoft products. (I toured upwards of 50 U.S. cities per year and very much enjoyed meeting many readers along the journey!) For about a two- year period, it seemed like any hands-on lab delivery included a section on the OPK. SBS hands-on labs weren’t immune, and I often found myself lecturing on and demonstrating the SBS OPK during the final hour of the day. (Scheduling our OPK discussion late in the day allowed folks to leave early if the topic wasn’t of interest.) Why was the OPK included in these training forums? It’s not that Microsoft was necessarily trying to make deeper inroads with partners such as HP, Dell, IBM, and others. Rather, Microsoft was trying to get the local small-town computer builder to embrace the OPK approach to implementing its operating systems. While the motive is pure, I can state that my audience

Chapter 1Introduction

was underwhelmed by the OPK message. That’s why we’ll honor the 74-134 exam in this book, but not emphasize it.

The 74-134 certification exam contains the following components, as shown in Table 1-3.

Table 1-3

74-134 Certification Exam Categories and Flow




Use OPK tools to preinstall operating system

This is the OPK hands-on lab and content being put to the test.

Create and apply preinstallation images

This is a technical deep-dive section on imaging, using remote installation services and other approaches.

Preinstall applications, drivers, and updates

Covers the deployment of Microsoft and third- party applications, etc.

Comply with the licensing requirements

Obligatory licensing content that centers on the preinstallation environment. Microsoft is seeking to test your licensing knowledge here.

Troubleshoot the preinstallation environment

Delves into common maladies and associated troubleshooting approaches and resolution.

Preinstall SBS

Condition for an SBS 2003 deployment, creating the domain controller, and

configuring the installation of Exchange and other applications.


You can learn more about the 74-134 exam in Chapter 14 of this book and at the Microsoft Learning site: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/74- 134.asp.

IMPORTANT: Passing either the 70-282 or 74-134 exam will qualify you to become an MCP. Either exam satisfies the Small Business Specialist technical examination certification requirement.


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