Test Restores in SBS 2003 [Windows Small Business Server 2004 Best Practices book excerpt]

Howdy readers. I am Harry Brelsford, author of ‘da purple book, and each day I post up a few pages for your pleasure. I will do this unitl SBS 2008 ships! Today we look at the otherside of the built-in back-up system: test restore!



Harry Brelsford, CEO at smb nation www.smbnation.com

Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC, MBA, MCSE, MCT, MCP, CNE, CLSE, CNP

PS – did u know I host an annual conference in Seattle each october for SBSers and SMB consultants? This year we help launch SBS 2008 and Essential Business Server (EBS) between October 4-6!

Monthly\Annual Test Restores

Once per month, restore a small file (such as a document) to a new location (don’t overwrite the existing file) and open it, read it, print it! That’s going to be the best assurance you could have that your backup process is sound! An annual test restore of the entire system to test server is highly recommended if you have the time and an extra server available (granted, this is very much a luxury).

The monthly test restore process commences from using the native NTBackup interface (Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup). This will

launch the Backup or Restore Wizard. Click the Advanced Mode link to switch to native mode. The Restore and Manage Media tab is shown in Figure 11-4. Figure 11-4

This is where you would select a file on which to perform a test restore.

Your guidance for the annual test restore of a full server is documented right on the SBS 2003 server machine. In Server Management, under Standard Management, click Backup to display the Manage Small Business Server Backup page (Figure 11-5). The Learn How to Restore the Server link presents an article titled “Restoring Your Server.” You will do exactly this in my advanced SBS 2003 book.

BEST PRACTICE: Catch the note that you’re instructed to check the Microsoft Web site to read the updated release notes for updates to this procedure. Good idea!

 Visit http://www.microsoft.com/technet for the latest updates for any Microsoft product.

Figure 11-5

The Backup page in Server Management.

The Restore Individual Files link provides guidance on how to recover individual files via the Volume Shadow Copy Restore capability. The Restore SharePoint File link speaks to how to recover WSS data, including individual files.


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