Reason #16 to attend SMB Nation fall conference: VoIP baby!

Late today while walking my English Springer Spaniel (astro) on our daily two mile loop on Bainbridge, I spoke with Chris Bangs, inside biz dev dude at SMB Nation. It was a classic walk and talk of a mid-career harried Harry. He commented that it feels like the DOT COM boom all over again.

What?!?!? Isn’t there a recession going on?!?!

Here me out on this one. The largest group of sponsor(s) at the SMB Nation 2008 fall conference are telephony vendors (you likely did not know that). More than security, managed services and sponsors related to SBS 2008 and EBS. Believe me – all sponsors are important – but with our sold out condition – we have some VoIPsponsors absolutely screaming to get in (we met with the fire marshall earlier today at the Bell Harbor Conference Center to SQUEEZE in ONE more gold sponsor who personally threatened Astro. NOBODY threatens my Springer!) It is DOT COM all over again but this time it is VoIP in SMB.

And we are there for you.

See you in just under four weeks in SEattle!


Harry Brelsford CEO at SMB Nation

Be there for my SBS 2008 and EBD  launch party on October 4th!


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