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Part of being a community member is the old yen-yang of cross-posting and cross-promotion. It builds stronger economic ties amongst community members and, at the end of the day, it’s goodness. It’s kinda like a European mentioned to me at lunch one day. He said “Americans will do business together even if the don’t like each other.” “Yes” I replied. “European’s won’t” he countered. Guess I’ll do business with anybody, eh?

So below – please find my spill of industry stuff for you to know about, care about and act on!



Harry Brelsford, CEO at smb nation www.smbnation.com

Microsoft Small Business Specialist SBSC, MBA, MCSE, MCT, MCP, CNE, CLSE, CNP

PS – did u know I host an annual conference in Seattle each october for SBSers and SMB consultants? This year we help launch SBS 2008 and Essential Business Server (EBS) between October 4-6!

PPS – OK – I am outted – there are indeed some people I won’t do business with 🙂

Baldwin’s Webinar:

Event Title

5W/50 Series: Increasing Business Opportunities in Challenging Economic Times with Microsoft Solution Accelerators


Do more with less  – an increasingly important theme for every IT director and business owners.  What then is the trick to help customers see the hidden needs in their IT organization and buy the products they need when times are tough, economically? 

Join this webcast and learn how new and free tools such as Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit and other Solution Accelerators can increase your business opportunities selling Windows Vista, Virtualization and other products from Microsoft.


Start Date

Time (PST)



9:00 AM



PLC URL:  https://training.partner.microsoft.com/plc/details.aspx?publisher=12&delivery=249924

Karl’s Preday at SMB Nation 2008: Google Karl SMB Preday

Stuart Crawford’s new book:

Hot off the presses: http://blog.itsuccessmentor.com/connect-the-dots


IT Services in today’s global economy are in a constant state of change, driven by changes in the economy with raising full costs, demands in flexibility from employees and the always on world that we live in today.


The changing landscape is now forcing IT Specialists to look at new ways of doing business, call it the next version of Managed Services if you wish, however it is much deeper than just managed services.  IT Professionals must now look at new focus areas, new business areas and let off the gas pedal on the network and data.  Our client’s requirements with IT go much deeper than just setting up servers, workstations and then monitoring them with the latest managed services tool.


Connecting the Dots to Success – a guide to success in the second half of 2008 for IT Professionals.


The landscape is changing in the IT community, gone are the days of setting up servers and workstations and letting the client go and hoped they called you for support. Well, they did, just at the wrong time, usually when you are fighting another fire at another clients.


How do you reach true success with that model? Well you don’t.


My new eBook on “Connecting the Dots to Success” is about clearing up the IT Services roadmap so that we all succeed in 2008. New online solutions and technologies are changing the landscape, are you ready to succeed. What does your formula look like?


Get this free eBook online today at http://blog.itsuccessmentor.com/connect-the-dots


How do we as IT Professionals establish sticky relationships?  How do we make ourselves irreplaceable?  When do we shine our crystal ball? 


What do  clients want today?  What is important to them?  What doesn’t matter?  I think you will be shocked!


This eBook will provide you with some new thought patterns to where the IT Services market is heading and how do we prepare for the next wave that is coming fast?


It is not to late to begin to get ready…


Get this free eBook online today at http://blog.itsuccessmentor.com/connect-the-dots


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