Exchange ActiveSync in SBS 2003 [book excerpt]

Good day everyone – I am posting up a few pages per day from my book Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices (da purple book) for your pleasure until SBS 2008 ships!

Today in Chapter 8 we explore Exchange ActiveSync – enjoy the ride…


HArry Brelsford CEO at SMB NAtion

Microsoft Small Business Specialist – SBSC – MBA – MCSE – MCP – CNE – MCT – CLSE – CNP

PS – did u know we are holding a big SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 launch party in early October 2008 in Seattle at our SMB Nation 2008 conference!



Exchange Server ActiveSync

Sync directly and with high levels of security to your Exchange mailboxes from Microsoft Windows powered devices such as Pocket PC 2002, the Pocket PC Phone, and Windows Powered SmartPhone. Stay in direct contact over the air with a server running Exchange 2003 so you can:

                      Work both online and offline. Synchronize your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts based on various settings from your device. Syn­chronization can be on-demand or scheduled. When coupled with Out­look Mobile Access, you can gain access to your Tasks list and the Global Address List.

Get up-to-date notifications. Receive specially formatted short mes­sage service (SMS) messages from Exchange 2003 that wake up your Windows-powered device and prompt your device to initiate a synch.


This feature, new in Exchange 2003, enables you to set the conditions of these alerts by using your Inbox rules.

          Choose your synchronization method. Select from on-demand or scheduled synchronization. This includes remote access to your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts list, and when coupled with Outlook Mobile Access, you can gain access to Tasks list and the Global Address List.

Those of you who have had Pocket PCs for a while are familiar with cradling the device at your desktop as you synchronize. You must have Outlook running on the desktop while you use Outlook to synchronize and connect to the Exchange Server, and as soon as you remove that device from the cradle, you’re out of sync. That’s not the case anymore with Exchange ActiveSync. You can still use the cradle, but you can also synchronize directly to Exchange over a wireless connection. Exchange ActiveSync does integrate with the desktop ActiveSync. So any settings you’ve created from your desktop translate over to the device and can be altered there. Any settings from the device translate over to the desktop.


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