Remote Web Workplace in Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS)

Good Monday to u. I am posting up several pages per day of my Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices (SBS) book and today we getting further into the mobility chapter. Specifically – I introduce Remote Web Workplace aka RWW  (tomorrow we will delve into some procedures on it).


Harry Brelsford, Author,  Consultant and CEO at SMB Nation

Microsoft Small Business Specialist (SBSC), MBA, MCSE, MCT and other non-sense!

PS – did u know I hold a  fall conference for SBSers in Seattle? 🙂


Remote Web Workplace

Not only does travel, which is “remote” by its very nature, allow you to learn firsthand the mobility solutions in SBS 2003, it affords the opportunity to meet SBSers worldwide who have different viewpoints to contribute. Across this book, such diverse insights have been interjected in a technical realm. Every day, SBSers worldwide are thinking of ways to work with SBS 2003 not imagined by the SBS development team in Redmond, Washington, or yours truly on Bainbridge Island. In this case, the insight is humorous, wherein some SBSer known only to the SBSers above, started pronouncing RWW as “arrr-wuuu­wuuu,” an admittedly silly saying that seems to have found traction.

BEST PRACTICE: Rumor has it that, in Redmond, this area is called RUP (rhymes with pup, like puppy). If you call Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS), you could say RUP and arrr-wuuu-wuuu, but your coworkers who overhear the telephone call might look at you kinda funny.

BEST PRACTICE: Two initial thoughts on RWW are important to carry forward. First, when you access the external Web page that is exposed on the external interface of your SBS server machine, it is a Welcome Web site that greets you. This assume you opened Port

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80 by selecting Business Web on the Web Services Configuration page in the EICW (not recommended). This is NOT RWW at this point. Rather, you select RWW from the Remote Web Workplace link from the Welcome Web site. Better yet, you can access RWW by addressing it via the FQDN/remote (discussed more later). Second, a point of confusion amongst SBS 2003 hands-on lab attendees in the Fall of 2003 was that RWW offers only the ability to take remote control of your desktop at work. That’s only part of RWW. This will be revealed herein, but it’s good to have this little chat first. Forward!


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