More Document Management in WSS (alerts, etc) in SBS 2003 (book excerpt)

Hiho- I continue my journey ofposting up pages from Window Small Buiness Server 2003 Best Practices – we are in chapter seven and this is more document management talk about Windows SharePoint Services in SBS 2003.


Harry Brelsford

ceo at smb nation,

micosoft small business specialist (SBSC)

More Document Management

Had enough in the document management realm? No? Good. Let’s do more. In this section, you’ll explore alerts, adding a discussion item and creating a document workspace plus more! It all starts with a deftly placed click on the Breeder1.doc drop-down context menu (remember Figure 7-5) under Jones Family.

          Alert Me. Select this menu option. View the suggested settings on the New Alert: Clients: Breeder1.doc that appears (Figure 7-10). Click OK to implement this cool functionality.


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Figure 7-10

Implementing alerts should be considered a powerful component of the basic document management capability of WSS.

          Discuss. This is similar to the “yellow stickies” you might have used with Adobe Acrobat. It’s actually based on the discussion object in Internet Explorer. Click on the Discuss option and then click Open on the File Download dialog box that appears. The document opens. Observe the Discussion tool bar that appears at the bottom. With the icons on this toolbar, you only have the option to have a discussion about a document (and not make the discussion part of the document). The ability to insert a discussion item into the actual document is dis­abled. Complete the Discussion subject and Discussion text fields and click OK. Your screen should look similar to Figure 7-11. Select the Home icon in Internet Explorer to return to the WSS home page for SPRINGERS.

Figure 7-11

Having a document discussion is another great way to use WSS for document management.

          Create Document Workspace. Navigate back to Jones Family and select Create Document Workspace from the drop-down context menu for Breeder1.doc. Click OK on the Create Document Workspace page. The result will appear similar to Figure 7-12. So why would you want a document workspace? The idea is that you’re creating a new site where you can create a collaboration area separate from the main site (say for managing a project). You can also apply unique permissions to the Document Workspace.


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Figure 7-12

Using the document workspace capability in WSS.

          New Document Creation. Click on Up to Springer Spaniels Lim­ited. Return to the Jones Family folder and select New Document. Click OK. Type in some text and close the document. You will be pro­moted to save it and be presented with a Save As dialog box that will place the document in WSS, as seen in Figure 7-13. Click Save to save the document. This new document will appear in the same list as Breeder1.doc.


Figure 7-13

Creating a new document the WSS way!


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