Why the hell upgrade from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008

Hello loyal readers. 

I am researching the SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 upgrade topic.

The question is simple.

Q: What are the business and technical reasons to upgrade from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008?


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Thanks in advance – this greatly helps my efforts…


Harry Brelsford

ceo, smb nation, www.smbnation.com



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3 responses to “Why the hell upgrade from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008

  1. Daniel Lill

    No need to get a Terminal Server (lic. cost) now when SBS 2008 have TS App. build in.

  2. Killer B

    I know this is serious threadomancy, but people do ask that question, and it’s hard to find the “Cliff’s Notes” answer to that.

    Reasons for upgrading:
    1) SBS 2003 only supports 4 GB of RAM maximum. SBS 2008 is 64-bit only and its MINIMUM requirement is 4 GB of RAM!!!
    2) If your users are exceeding the 75 GB Exchange Server 2003 store limit. Exchange 2007 SP1 has a 250 GB limit.
    3) If you have Windows Vista workstations in your environment and want to manage Group Policies without kicking someone off their workstation, setting up a Vista workstation of your own for administration purposes, or setting up a Vista virtual machine. All three of those options require RSAT.

    Reasons against upgrading:
    1) If your environment uses ISA 2000 or 2004 on the SBS box. SBS 2008 doesn’t support more than one NIC, and if you want ISA (Forefront), you need ESSENTIAL Business Server 2008 and Forefront installed on a separate box. You can’t install ISA 2000, 2004, or 2006 on a Server 2008 box of any flavor.
    2) If you use tapes for backup and NTBACKUP. SBS 2008 doesn’t have NTBACKUP, and its built-in backup solutions (Windows Server Backup/WBADMIN) don’t support tape. If you use a third-party solution for tape backup, then this isn’t a problem.

  3. NetBoy

    Consider that your dealing with a small business in a tough economy that is hitting businesses hard and you have got to come up with some compelling argument.

    Obviously, Daniel Lill above doesn’t understand the licensing because his TS licensing statement is just plain wrong.

    If you have a piece of hardware that is designed and installed with SBS 2003 use it to it’s fullest. Put limits on mailbox storage or archive email don’t add a bunch of apps to your server that cause a memory problem. SBS 2003 should be fine, period, up to 50 users. If you are considering changing hardware because you have outgrown your hardware consider a stand alone file and print or web server first(a stand alone Windows 2008 is a great add on without changing your whole environment) or a NAS device for storage.

    Personally, I find it extremely difficult to put together a good argument to go to SBS 2008 from 2003 unless you are just ready to change out your hardware.

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