12-month planning cycles – where did the fun go?!?!?

It was great spending my time (and money) at WPC Houston this past week. I met with heaps of worldwide readers, customers, friends and competitors (yes – we all have competitors). Something I appreciate from each stakeholder group is that folks realize how organized SMB Nation is, having gone to a minimum of a 12-month planning cycle for events. Sure – we aren’t as nimble and quick – but we have the profound pleasure of telling folks they better start planning now for 2009/2010 because everything we are doing in 2008 is done!

We are not alone. Microsoft is already planning WPC for New Orleans in 2009. Witness: http://www.neworleanscvb.com/crm/index.cfm/action/ViewForm/FormID/131 

And if you don’t watch it – we’ll go to a 60-month planning cycle like the Olympics – just to prove we can. I guess you could say gone is the fun of last minute madness… 

(many thanks to our operations manager Cyndi Moody who arrived one year ago this week and has made REAL CHANGE at SMB Nation getting us out of BAD VOODOO, converted us to NetSuite and freed me up to write and fight!)


Harry Brelsford, SMB Nation CEO, www.smbnation.com

A fellow Microsoft Small Business Specialist!!!! (SBSC) and Windows Small Business Server SBSer!!!

PS – our fall conference, very strong, is a mere 90-days out and our spring conference is early MArch in the NYC area just after the MVP Summit!


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