OfficeDepot and Response Point at WPC Houston

Now that I have your attention – this is not what you think. OfficeDepot is not selling RP. Rather – earlier tonight I need a break from creating some SBS 2008 courseware for Microsoft Redmond in my lonely hotel room. I drove down the street to OfficeDepot to purchase a stapler and a power tree. I decided to step into the Mexican resturant nextdoor to order some chicken nachos to go and eat back at the hotel room. There, my main main man Joe Schurman was hosting a Microsoft Response Point party. He was kind enough to invite me over to the table to play. Thanks Joe – I appreciate your kindness and it was great to dine with the RP team, supporting vendors and others. Out of all the eating establishments in Houston…who would have guessed!



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One response to “OfficeDepot and Response Point at WPC Houston

  1. I never would have guessed you were a party crasher. When I saw you there you acted like you belonged!

    Glad you could make it!

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