SBS 2003 Management Tasks – add a printer! [book excerpt]


I am Harry Brelsford, the author of Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices (purple book). Each day – I am posting up several pages from my book for your pleasure and reading!

Today we discuss – management tasks and adding a printer to a Windows SBS 2003 network

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Management Tasks

The SBS development team drew a demarcation line between network tasks and management tasks to delineate the type of work you perform on the To Do List. Whereas the tasks performed above tend to be one-time in nature, the tasks that follow in this section, such as adding users and computers, might be repeated. Thus, the SBS development team created a “management” category.

Add a printer

What can I say. Adding a printer is all about adding the physical printer and publishing it to Active Directory. We’ll do so now because you might remember from Table 2-4 in Chapter 2 that SPRINGERS has a HP Color LaserJet 5M laser printer (with the share name of HP5).

1                    Assuming you are still logged on as Administrator on the server machine SPRINGERS1, select Add a Printer from the To Do List.

2                    Click Next at the Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard.

3                    On the Local or Network Printer page, accept the default setting of Local printer attached to this computer. But please deselect Auto­matically detect or install my Plug and Play printer (in the real world, you might very well select that automatic detection option,


but under the SPRINGERS approach, let’s face it, we’re kinda play­ing make-believe here to learn the product). Click Next.


4.         Select LPT1: (Recommended Printer Port) in the Use the follow­ing port: field on the Select a Printer Port page. Click Next.


5.         On the Install Printer Software page, select HP under Manufac­turer and HP Color LaserJet 5M under Printers. Click Next.


6.         On the Name Your Printer page, type HP5 in the Printer name field. Click Next.


7.         Accept the default share name of HP5 on the Printer Sharing screen and click Next. This name was obviously extracted from the Name Your Printer page and in all cases has the 15-character NetBIOS naming limit.


8.         Type Main Office in the Location field on the Location and Com­ment page and click Next.


9.         Select No when asked if you want to print a test page on the Print Test Page. Click Next.


10.       Click Finish on the Completing the Add Printer Wizard page. Note that there is no “here” link to add this information to your SBS net­work notebook I’m encouraging you to complete. Why, you ask? Because the Add Printer Wizard is not a native SBS wizard and thus doesn’t incorporate that functionality.


Add Users and Computers

Now for the good stuff. We’re going to add all of the users for SPRINGERS, using the new bulk capability to add users. This is different from SBS 2000 when users were added in a linear, one at a time fashion. Time is a wastin’, so let’s get started by first reviewing the time-tested tasks of preparing the workstation to be added to the network. After that, you’ll perform the actual step-by-step tasks to add users and computers and connect the client computer to the SBS 2003 network.


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