Configure Remote Access in SBS 2003 [Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices book excerpt]

Happy Friday readers! Harry Brelsford here, author of the infamous purple book! I am posting up a few pages per day of this book until SBS 2008 ships!

Today we discuss configuring remote access from the SBS 2003 TO DO LIST (what a computing paradigm eh?)


harry brelsford, ceo at smb nation,

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Configure Remote Access

Welcome back. Time for more step-by-step.

1                    Click on the Configure Remote Access link.

2                    Click Next at the Welcome to the Remote Access Wizard.

3                    Verify that Enable remote access is selected and VPN access is


checked as shown in Figure 4-19. Click Next. Figure 4-19

This is the magic moment for facilitating VPN remote access.

4.         On the VPN Server Name page, the Server name field is automati­cally populated with (this information was extracted from the EICW). After confirming you screen looks like Figure 4-20, click Next.

BEST PRACTICE: So, do you always have to VPN in via the FQDN you’re entering in Step 4 above? No! You can also ring up the SBS server machine by simply typing in the wild-side IP address to commence a VPN session. In the case of SPRINGERS, this would be

Figure 4-20

You are defining the FQDN that allows access to the server over the Internet.

5.         Click the “here” link on the Completing the Remote Access Wiz­ard and save the configuration as VPN.htm in the My Documents folder (similar to the steps you undertook at the end of the EICW). Click Finish. After a few minutes the remote access configuration process will be completed, at which time you will click Close.

BEST PRACTICE: Before you and I become forgetful, please select the Done boxes on the To Do List for the Connect to the Internet and Configure Remote Access tasks.


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