Troubleshooting SBS 2003 Setups – end of chapter 3 – book excerpt

Today we complete chapter 3 of the Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices book with a quick look at troubleshooting the SBS 2003 setup process. As you may recall – I am posting up my book, a few pages per day, unitl SBS 2003 ships!


Harry Brelsford CEO at smb nation


Troubleshooting Setup Errors

In your career as an SBS professional, you will possibly have occasion to troubleshoot setup errors. These errors come out of left field, but the Readme.htm document contained on Small Business Server 2003 Setup Disc 1 discusses a surprisingly large number of setup errors and the suggested resolution steps (I discuss this document early in this chapter). Hats off to the SBS development team for shipping this timely resource in time!

You may also want to consult the SBS resources listed in Appendix A to stay current with SBS 2003 setup issues. Heck, don’t hesitate to throw in your own two cents in the discussion group and news list (listserv) mentioned.

And consider simply rerunning the SBS setup, as I discussed earlier, as your first line of attack in curing a problem.

BEST PRACTICE: And don’t forget that a book is outdated the day I type its final words. The technology world changes quickly and you’ll want to visit the Microsoft TechNet page to stay current with all the latest and updated knowledge related to SBS 2003. So no flames, masking as reader replies on, saying that my book doesn’t discuss some future issue you encounter in the Year 2005 with SBS 2003.


As you reach the end of the SBS server machine setup and installation discussion, remember to go forward keeping a healthy perspective. Often I witness SBS professionals spending hours troubleshooting some setup- or installation-related problem. In many cases, that is not a good use of time. Remember that it often takes less than three hours to do a complete SBS server machine reinstall. Believe me, I’ve done plenty of fresh SBS installs and come out hours ahead. Just a thought!


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  1. I would have to say I have not run into many SBS 2003 install problems. Knowing ahead of time what the setup needs to look like will take care of a lot of the setup problems. Have you had many SBS 2008 upgrade problems?

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